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PR for Attorneys

Legal Public Relations

We love litigation PR because we love getting our clients whatever kind of press they need on their cases. The higher art, however, and the area in which we really showcase our journalism chops, is legal PR – hacking you into high profile cases to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

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Marketing & Social Media

We aggressively promote you on social media, using your platforms to tout your successes and the media placements we helped secure.

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Our Foundation.

Newsroom PR is a public relations and crisis management firm that specializes in securing mainstream and niche press for legal industry experts, startups and tech, including legaltech. Our overarching specialty is in leveraging our tremendous media connections, experience and insight to get clients the best press possible.

Media Training

We train experts to excel in media interviews. Whether it’s a phone interview with a print reporter or a live, on-camera TV interview, learn how to answer the tough questions like a pro.

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Public Relations

We are media insiders who turn our unparalleled experience and connections as current and former journalists into robust publicity for our clients. We work with mainstream, regional, local and niche media including print, online and broadcast.

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Crisis Management

As a team of national journalists and legal experts, we’re well equipped to work with all platforms of the media to defuse a crisis or, ideally, avoid one altogether.

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News Features

We highlight you, your business and your brand in website content, bios, blogs, copywriting, ghostwritten articles, press releases and videos. We introduce you to journalists and beat reporters at local and national news outlets to help line up profiles, features and investigative news articles and segments.

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Business Development

We work with prominent industry professionals to generate growth and capture your target audiences' attention. We evaluate where the business is to determine which service is needed. We specializes in everything from business planning to identify success metrics and track return on engagement.

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Litigation Public Relations

Whether you’re one of our retainer clients or just looking to hire us for a quick project, we excel at getting the best possible press for your case filing, ruling or verdict.

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FAQs about Public Relations

How does marketing differ from PR?

Marketing and PR are both essential components of a company’s overall communication strategy, but they serve different purposes. Marketing focuses on promoting products or services to target customers, using advertising, sales promotions, and other tactics to generate sales. 


On the other hand, PR (public relations) aims to build and maintain a positive image of the company in the eyes of the public. It involves managing media relations, handling crises, creating press releases, and fostering relationships with stakeholders to enhance reputation and credibility.

What does a PR professional do?

A PR professional is responsible for managing a company’s public image and reputation. We craft press releases, media pitches, and create communication strategies to engage with the media and the public. Our PR professionals build relationships with journalists and influencers, monitor media coverage, handle crisis communications, and engage in community outreach. Our goal is to enhance brand visibility, create a positive public perception, and manage any potential reputation risks.

How do PR services benefit law firms?

PR services play a crucial role in boosting the reputation and credibility of law firms. PR professionals help law firms gain media coverage in relevant publications and secure speaking opportunities at conferences. This visibility enhances the firm’s authority in the legal industry, leading to increased client trust and potential new business. 

PR also aids in managing any negative publicity or crises that may arise, protecting the firm’s reputation. Ultimately, effective PR strategies can position law firms as thought leaders, leading to more excellent client retention and attracting high-value cases. 

Can I do my own PR or do I need an agency?

When you have a busy law firm, you should be focused on your clients – not your PR. Unless you have the resources for a full-time, in-house PR team, you likely do not have the time or energy to learn about how to manage PR and take the necessary action to do so. Further, it can be difficult to manage your own PR concerns, as you do not have an objective perspective of your law firm. 


This is why it is best for law firms to seek professional help from a PR team. You do not want just any PR team, however; you want one that knows how to manage public relations for a law firm. Attorneys can face unique PR issues; you should find a team with this expertise. 

Why should I hire Newsroom PR?

Newsroom PR is the full-service public relations firm you’ve been looking for. We regularly work with law firms and understand the particular PR concerns you might have. We offer a wide range of services to cover all your PR needs, including: 


  • Marketing and social media
  • News features
  • Business development
  • Crisis management


Whether you need media promotion to build your firm or have a potential PR crisis on your hands, the Newsroom PR team is ready to help. We provide the PR services and experience necessary to boost your firm.