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“Whatever I’ve needed and whenever I’ve needed it, for myself and my clients, these guys always bend over backwards to work smart, work hard, and exceed expectations. They have been able to get important cases in my small practice published in national news media outlets and they understand the media so well. I can’t imagine not having them in my corner.”

Robert Tauler


Our Foundation.

Newsroom PR is a public relations and crisis management firm that specializes in securing mainstream and niche press for legal industry experts, startups and tech, including legaltech. Our overarching specialty is in leveraging our tremendous media connections, experience and insight to get clients the best press possible.

Legal Public Relations

We love litigation PR because we love getting our clients whatever kind of press they need on their cases. But the higher art, and the area where we really showcase our journalistic chops, is in legal PR – getting you great press on cases you’re not involved in.

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Marketing & Social Media

We take an aggressive approach to social media promotion. Rather than just tweeting pablum, we use social media to tout the tremendous successes and media placements that we help you achieve.

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Media Training

We train experts to talk to the media. Whether it’s a phone interview with a print reporter or a live, on-camera TV interview, learn how to answer the tough questions like a pro.

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Public Relations

We are media insiders who use our unparalleled experience and connections as current and  former journalists to get robust press for our clients. We work with mainstream, regional, local and niche media including print, online and broadcast.
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News Features

We highlight you and your business or brand in web content, biographies, blogs, copywriting, ghostwriting articles and columns, lawyer biographies and press releases. We’re a team equipped to take the lead on getting you into reputable and major national publications.

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Business Development

We work with prominent industry professionals to generate growth and capture your target audiences' attention. We evaluate where the business is to determine which service is needed. We specializes in everything from business planning to identify success metrics and track return on engagement.

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Litigation Public Relations

Whether you’re one of our retainer clients or just looking to hire us for a quick project, watch how much press we can get for your case.

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Crisis Management

As a team of national journalists and legal experts, we’re well equipped to work with all platforms of the media to defuse a crisis or, ideally, avoid one altogether.

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