difference between legal secretary and paralegal

The Difference between a Legal Secretary and a Paralegal

While the terms paralegal and legal secretary are often used interchangeably, they represent distinct positions, and the employees who fill them perform distinctly different tasks. Some law firms have legal secretaries, others have paralegals, some have both, and some have no support staff at the moment. Who you hire depends on your needs and budget.  If you’re not sure whether …

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how to grow a law firm

How to Grow a Law Firm

Regardless of how large or small your firm is and regardless of how well-established it is, there is always room for growth. If your firm is just getting started, paying attention to growth is a primary concern, but knowing where to focus your efforts and resources – while continuing to ably handle your current clients and cases – is a …

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law firm business development strategies

Law Firm Business Development Strategies

Running a law firm is no easy task, and attorneys spend much of their time mired in concerns about their client’s cases. In other words, business development strategies – too often – take a back seat to everything else that is going on. Business development for firms is all about strategically pursuing growth opportunities, and a better understanding of the …

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