attorney bios

How to Write an Attorney Bio?

Your attorney bio has always mattered, but because attention spans now move at the speed of the internet, you need a solid bio that captures the imagination of your readers and sticks with them. It’s a tall order, but a well-written bio can do all that and more. If you’re ready to polish up your bio and take it out …

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repair online reputation

Online Reputation Repair for Lawyers

Gone are the days when law firms could rest on their laurels. Those old-school firms built their stellar reputations for reliability and solid legal work slowly, and short of some kind of epic failure, they tended to hold on to these hard-earned reputations. Now, it’s difficult to imagine a firm without an online presence, and online reputations can be made …

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what is a press release

What Is a Press Release and Why Is It Important?

If your only point of connection with PR is shows like Mad Men, you’re not alone. You get that public relations firms are out there, but the depth of your understanding may not go much deeper, and that’s ok because we’re here to provide you with a refresher course. The truth is that a solid PR firm can help you …

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