Mike Richards, Jeopardy host du jour

The best crisis management plan? Avoid jeopardy in the first place

Rather than write a bland blog to showcase how THE LIST recently devoted an entire article to my takeaways on Mike Richards – who put his career in jeopardy by mistreating people on the way to becoming the shortest-tenured host in Jeopardy history – I thought I’d dig much closer to the root of the matter and suggest we collectively, …

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Adapting PR Strategy in the Age of Coronavirus

For every 20 or so businesses losing steam because of the coronavirus, there’s one that’s doing okay or even better. So far it’s looking like we’re in the latter category and I wanted to share this in case it might help other businesses thinking there’s not much they can do short of manufacturing masks and hand sanitizer. The trick to …

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The difference between influence and “influencers”

While brainstorming with the members of an artist collective on ways we could best bring attention to their installation at Coachella 2019, we briefly considered the idea of inviting “influencers,” who are present in abundance at the fest, to tour the installation and post about it on social media. There are various influencer agencies out there, and most wanted to …

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Facebook Teaches Us All a Lesson in PR

One of 2018’s most high-profile PR blunders had to be when Cambridge Analytica—a political firm hired by the Trump administration during its 2016 election campaign—gained access to millions of Facebook users’ profiles without their permission. Instead of proactively addressing the data issue when it was discovered in 2015, Facebook kept quiet until the situation was revealed in 2018, causing a …

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Social Media Outpaces Print as America’s Top News Source

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, social media sites have outpaced newspapers as a news source in the U.S. This means that a significant portion of Americans receive their news via platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rather than through traditional newspapers. Considering social media allows us to receive information at the touch of a button, …

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Public Relations

A lawyer and journalist finds her “happy place”

As a journalist who also happens to be a lawyer, Newsroom PR is my happy place. I have the unique opportunity to blend my two professions by promoting brilliant lawyers who are changing the legal landscape in the workplace, technology, the boardroom, and every other area where lives intersect. These men and women are shaping the conversations we have with …

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