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Give To Get: How A People Reporter-Turned-PR Pro Gets The Media’s Attention

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  • April 23, 2018

In the hours after psycho James Holmes took an AR-15 to a Colorado movie audience watching “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012, national crime reporters across the country struggled to explain what happened (I was one of them).

A few prominent outlets, such as CNN, reported that Holmes “resembled the Joker, with red-orange hair, similar to the late actor Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the villain in an earlier Batman movie.”

Making sense of the senseless is one of many seemingly impossible tasks that reporters struggle to accomplish every day.

A casualty of this scramble can be thoughtfulness – as evidenced by the several Holmes reporters who wrote that the Joker’s hair is red. It’s always been green, of course, and no, that’s not even the look Holmes was going for, which reporters may have determined earlier if they had thought more critically about their information.

At Newsroom PR, we take a breath, look past the rushed coverage, identify the questions waiting to be answered, and work with our clients to formulate thoughtful answers for reporters.

That’s because we believe one of the best ways to serve our clients is to do the best possible job helping reporters (which is why we also sponsor Report For America, a charity that adds reporters to media outlets struggling to afford them so they can more effectively cover and understand important stories).

We want to make sure that, when reporters see us coming, they have the opposite of the reaction that they give PR firms who haven’t even taken the time to understand the story – much less contemplate how to advance it.

In a rush-rush world that just seems to become more ADHD by the day, true, thoughtful, helpful insight can be a compelling way of getting the media’s attention. It’s one of many tools in our toolbox.