how to get clients in law

How to Get Clients in Law Firm Brands?

If you’re running a law firm, bringing in new clients is the goal, but bolstering your brand can feel out of reach. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be, and there are some solid steps for you to take right now that can help immensely. Brand building is a process, and a seasoned legal PR pro can help you find your groove and navigate your way forward toward brand excellence.

Hone Your Legal Niche

You’re only one attorney, and you can’t master every branch of the law. In fact, spreading yourself too thin is a great way to dilute your brand. By honing the niche in which you shine as a lawyer, you help to focus the spotlight on your strengths and what it is that makes you unique, which is what branding is all about. 

Finding your legal home can be as simple as involving yourself in cases that interest you. Even if the case isn’t strictly yours, lending a hand is always welcome, and doing so can reap considerable benefits. By giving your all to whatever area of the law speaks to you, you do both yourself and your clients a favor.

Don’t Neglect Networking

While online pursuits are critical to growing your firm’s brand, you shouldn’t neglect the basics, which include networking. Your firm has its own niche practice area, and your law school study buddy’s firm has its own, which is a great avenue for sending business each other’s way. The larger – and more carefully tended – your network, the more your own brand stands to gain. Not only can you refer clients and accept referrals, but you also stand behind each other’s names, which can go a long way toward elevating your brand’s cachet.

Networking doesn’t solely apply to other firms. At some point, every business has legal needs, and the better connected you are in your community, the better positioned you’ll be to step in when your practice fits the bill. 

Get Involved

Business is about connections, and your legal practice is a business. Brand building is a byproduct of community involvement. By doing your part and demonstrating how important your community is to you, you send a clear message that you support the greater good. Your potential clients are out there, and it certainly doesn’t hurt for them to associate your name with community involvement. 

Be True to Yourself

Selling yourself and promoting your brand is not going to do you a whole lot of good if you’re anything other than your most authentic self. For one thing, it’s nearly impossible to keep up a false persona, and things aren’t going to ring true when you meet with potential clients. Those looking for legal guidance want to be put at ease, and the only way to accomplish this is by being yourself and providing them with solid legal advice. Your prospective clients know how to spot a phony, and being a phony is exhausting. Being your best self is always the best policy.

What Do Legal Clients Want, and Why Would a Client Choose You?

These are the kind of questions attorneys tend to obsess over but needn’t. Think about what you look for in a good attorney and extrapolate from there in terms of what your own potential clients are in the market for. Legal clients are looking for all the following, and what makes you a solid choice is that you make each of the following a priority:

  • An attorney who is warm, easy to talk to, and puts clients at ease
  • An attorney who can explain the law without speaking down to clients
  • An attorney who clearly cares about their clients and case outcomes
  • An attorney with a solid and nuanced understanding of the applicable law
  • An attorney who is available and responsive
  • An attorney who explores their clients’ best options with them and helps them make well-considered decisions

You’re there for your clients and have a lot to offer, and you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this is the backbone of your brand.  

Marketing Matters

In addition to all the organic mechanisms we’ve discussed in relation to brand building, it’s important to also focus on your marketing efforts.   

Your Website: Where Findability, Reliability, and Maneuverability Meet  

You recognize that, in order to get your name out there and build connections with potential clients, you need a stellar website, but translating this knowledge into the top-notch website you’ve got your sights set on can be a challenge. Ultimately, the core elements of a powerhouse legal site include all the following:

  • It is easy to find, which requires search engine optimization.
  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • It offers reliable information that is relevant to potential clients.

When your website has all three of these working in tandem, you’re putting your best foot forward in terms of brand building. Within this framework, there is plenty of room to showcase your creative side, share your expertise, and develop your firm’s voice, but these are the building blocks that are essential to attracting clients. 

Content Is a Form of Marketing  

While you may not think of the blogs or articles you write as marketing, you definitely should. Legal clients have questions, and they tend to spend a good deal of time scouring the internet for answers. When you offer well-crafted content that meets a need, you allow your light to shine bright, which is the name of the marketing game.  

Don’t Shy away from Social Media

Many attorneys find that social media isn’t quite neutral or business-like enough for their firms to embrace, but taking this position is shortsighted. While it’s true that steering clear of social media drama is well advised, you’re missing out if you’re avoiding social media altogether. To begin, advertising on Facebook and Instagram can prove invaluable – the fact is that these platforms are where a lot of people do their shopping, and that includes lawyer shopping. 

Sharing Your Voice

More and more savvy attorneys are finding their voice on social media and are sharing it far and wide. With a social media account, a unique perspective, and some writing panache, you can make your mark online with little more than an investment of time. Further, you can farm out the content – a skilled writer can capture your voice and your firm’s zeitgeist and get you out there where you need to be. 


As mentioned, an integral piece of the brand-building puzzle is networking, and social media affords ample opportunities, including:

  • Following friends, acquaintances, and other legal professionals demonstrates that you’re a team player – while also increasing your reach.
  • As you build your social media presence, you bolster your legal credibility. 
  • When you comment on the posts of other legal professionals, you become part of the conversation, which can increase your recognizability.
  • Maintaining an optimized firm page on LinkedIn, as well as a separate LinkedIn profile for yourself, helps to keep your brand balanced and unique. 

Address Those Online Reviews  

The whole idea is to generate buzz about your brand, and those in search of legal guidance – like other consumers – tend to hang on to the words of those who came before them. Positive reviews take care of themselves and are a great tool for guiding potential clients your way. 

The bottom line is that reviews drive legal business, which makes staying on top of your firm’s reviews – across all platforms – paramount. If a few of these reviews are less than stellar or have a gripe woven in, take the time to address them and do what you can to rectify the dissatisfaction. While you should strive for 5-star reviews across the board, this generally isn’t possible – and is unlikely to ring true. When, however, you demonstrate that you take your clients’ satisfaction seriously, you let potential clients know that they can expect the same.  

Know Your Audience  

You’re a law firm – not an arcade, sports facility, or vacation spot – which means you’ll want to err on the side of seriousness. This does not, however, mean that you should stifle your expressiveness. While some legal practice areas are well suited to a conversational tone, others are better suited to a more conservative approach, but between these two poles, there is a vast continuum. In order to fire on all your branding cylinders, you need to know your audience and find your own voice within this space. 

For Brand Building, Turn to a Savvy Legal PR Pro  

You’re a lawyer who is ready to build your own brand, your firm’s brand, or both, but the prospect can be daunting. You do not want to miss opportunities or make errors that can hurt your reputation. 

Enter the focused Legal PR professionals at Newsroom PR. We have an impressive range of experience helping clients like you find and run their legal niche. Your branding shouldn’t be an afterthought, so please don’t wait to contact or call us at 213-422-2738 for more information today.