how to get featured in news articles

How to Get Featured in News Articles

You run a small business or creative enterprise that you want to find its way into the news, but you may not know how to make that happen. Being featured in the media can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you have approached news outlets, sent out press releases, and done everything else you can think of but haven’t gotten anywhere – or haven’t made as big a splash as you’d like to – it’s time to consult with an experienced news media PR specialist


In order to garner the attention of the news media, you need to be on their radar, and in order to manage that, you need to get yourself out there. You never know when you’ll connect with someone who’s interested in what you have to offer – or who knows someone who might be interested. The more lines of communication you keep open, the better your chances are of making your way into the news, which makes networking key.

Stand Out: It Matters

In order to get the attention of a news outlet, standing out from the pack is critical, but you’ve also got to find your voice, set the right tone, and have an idea that resonates with your target audience. If your contact person is exceptionally busy when you make your pitch or it happens to be a heavy news cycle, however, all your hard work is unlikely to be as effective as you’d hoped. Ultimately, it’s a matter of striking while the iron is hot, which takes planning, persistence, and finesse. 

Make It Remarkable

When you do what’s expected, you can’t expect it to generate a lot of attention. Whatever your business is up to, there’s something about it that makes it remarkable, and focusing on that element can help you garner the attention you deserve. When you highlight what it is that makes your enterprise special, it gives you a leg up when it comes to media coverage. 

Find the Right Angle

Your business has a story, but it can be told in many different ways. Local news outlets are in the business of publishing stories that relate to readers in their areas. Trade magazines, on the other hand, take a different approach and are interested in niche news items that resonate with their unique audience, while national outlets generally focus on topics of global interest. Finally, there are blogs and podcasts out there that cover topics like yours from virtually every angle. In other words, you should tailor your offerings according to whatever outlet you’re focusing on. 

Stay Focused 

While your business’s backstory is worth telling, it shouldn’t be your primary focus when you’re reaching out for media attention. Journalists and editors are focused on news items that will speak to their target audiences. When you train your sights on what makes your business special in relation to the news outlet in question, you help to ensure that your piece receives the attention it should. Consider all the following:

  • What is it that distinguishes your business or event from all the others?
  • Can you employ an emotional hook that makes you more accessible?
  • Do you have a compelling, hard-hitting angle? 
  • If you’re promoting an event, have you included all the information about when and where? 
  • If you’re promoting a product, have you included all the information about pricing and where it can be purchased? 

While you’re at it, make sure to include an eye-catching subject line. Putting some effort into crafting a subject line that not only captures the essence of what you have to share but also captures the imagination is well worth the effort. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Newsjack

When your services or products pertain to what’s happening in the news currently, don’t be afraid to strike. The connection doesn’t have to be exact or even particularly strong – instead, you need to find a way to sell it. By finding an in that allows you to strut your stuff, you generate new pathways toward increased media exposure. 

Connecting is the Name of the Game

While connecting is the name of the game, connecting on an emotional level ups the ante considerably. Having a geographical or topical connection is great, but when you’re able to take things to the next level by finding a point of connection that is based on emotion, you’ve found your sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to explore the emotional side of things, which is the universal language of connection.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

By paying attention to social media, you help yourself remain current in terms of what’s going on in the news – often before it even finds its way to the news cycle. In other words, social media can prove invaluable. For example, #journorequest is a channel that’s devoted to connecting journalists with those who can provide help building their stories, which – if you have the right information – can lead to a match made in PR heaven.

Never underestimate the power of the right social media post at the right time. While Twitter is closely associated with trending news, it’s difficult to predict where the next newsworthy post will originate from, so don’t neglect Instagram, Facebook, and the rest.

Keep Your Emails Manageable 

The email systems at journalistic and news offices are often overworked, which means that if you’re overloading your emails with photos, videos, and other attachments, you could thwart your own efforts before you’ve even begun. A better approach is to include your contact information and a link to your carefully prepared and streamlined news release in an email that is directed at all interested and potentially interested parties. By adopting this practice, you improve the chances that your material will reach its target audience. 

Target the Right Publications

Too often, pitches are directed at the wrong publications or at the wrong department within the right publication, and the farther off you are, the more likely it is that you’re going to miss the boat. Even the best pitches are vulnerable to getting lost in the shuffle, which makes doing the research and identifying the appropriate recipients from the outset an important goal.

Pay Attention to Feedback

If you receive feedback letting you know that you’ve reached the wrong department or that you’re headed in the wrong direction, pay attention. It doesn’t matter how relevant and well-crafted your work is – if it’s not finding its way to the correct desk or is not crafted in accordance with the publication’s specifications, you’re not going to make the cut. By paying attention to the feedback you receive, you elevate your chances of becoming newsworthy. 

Know that Timing Is Everything

When it comes to getting your timing right, it’s important to know that sooner is almost always better than later. The fact is that news outlets commission articles and pieces far earlier than you likely realize. For example, you’ll need to get your work in months prior to release for monthly publications, and even daily news providers plan their human-interest bits well ahead of time. 

Another important point to make is that knowing when the publication’s peak work periods are can help you determine when the time to strike has come. If the entire staff is on red alert during pub week, it’s not a great time to send out your own news blast. 

Don’t Give Up

A lot more goes into finding your way into the news cycle than you may recognize, and if your efforts don’t pay off immediately, it’s important to know that it isn’t personal and that you shouldn’t give up. Your timing may be off, your notice may have landed on the desk of someone who’s too swamped to pay attention, or your pitch may have lacked relevance in relation to whatever topic happened to be trending at the time. 

Whatever the reason that your earlier efforts do not prove successful, the best path forward is to continue honing them by practicing these tips and getting yourself out there. One of the most important steps you can take in relation to finding your way into the news is working closely with a media-savvy PR specialist from the start. 

Find Your Way into the News with the Guidance of a News Media PR Specialist 

You have an excellent service, product, or event to promote, and an important venue for accomplishing this is the news. The news media PR pros at Newsroom PR have a wealth of experience helping business owners like you find their way into the news cycle and continue showing up. The advantages of organic news placement are difficult to overstate, which makes putting in the effort well worth it, and one of the surest benefits is that, once you find your groove, it’s more likely to be ongoing. Learn more about what we can do to help you gain the attention of news outlets by reaching out and contacting us online or calling us at 213-422-2738 today.