how to grow a law firm

How to Grow a Law Firm

Regardless of how large or small your firm is and regardless of how well-established it is, there is always room for growth. If your firm is just getting started, paying attention to growth is a primary concern, but knowing where to focus your efforts and resources – while continuing to ably handle your current clients and cases – is a challenge. 

Your law firm is unique, but the basics – as they apply to nurturing growth – don’t vary, and working with a seasoned legal business development company is always well-advised. The right guidance can help you grow your law firm to the next level, increasing your revenue and opportunities to help others. 

Learn to Delegate Well

You’re running a firm, and your name may be on the door, which can add up to a lot of pressure. If you’re already working at a fever pitch, it doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy for focusing on growing your firm. The bottom line is that if you want to grow your firm, you’re not only going to need to delegate but are also going to need to delegate well. 

This involves breaking down your workload and categorizing each element in the appropriate category, including:

  • Work that requires your personal stamp
  • Work that requires your approval
  • Work that someone else on your team could do more efficiently
  • Work that it would be more cost-effective for someone else to do 

Once you have a better idea of your overall workload, you’ll be better prepared to lighten your load, which can save you both time and money. Ultimately, hiring a well-chosen employee in a support staff position can free you up to maximize your own efforts – along with your firm’s potential. By hiring employees who are good at what they do as support staff and by delegating within your firm according to your employees’ strengths, you’ll be better positioned to focus on growing the firm you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Build Efficiency into the Process 

When your law firm runs efficiently, it not only streamlines the process while minimizing waste but also bolsters office morale and offers your clients a better experience. Running a firm efficiently comes down to having straightforward, easy-to-follow systems in place that your team is on board with. By following well-considered and well-established workflow plans, you help to ensure that your firm’s overall efforts are all channeled in the right direction and help reduce the risk that work will become lopsided or that critical tasks will fall through the cracks. 

Don’t Neglect Marketing and Branding

You are doing your thing over at your firm, and you’re doing it well. Spreading the word with your target audience, however, isn’t something that just happens. Strategic marketing and branding are critical to growing your firm, which makes putting careful thought into both keys. 

Marketing vs. Branding

While marketing and branding intersect, they are also distinct matters that both deserve your focused attention. Marketing tends toward the operational, which means it focuses on all the following:

  • Your firm’s guiding purpose and mission
  • Your firm’s backstory
  • The legal services your firm provides
  • The who, what, why, when, and where of your firm

Branding’s focus, on the other hand, is on the visuals that reflect what your firm is all about and the emotions they evoke. Examples include:

  • Your firm’s logo
  • The colors and graphics you use to represent your firm
  • Your firm’s website
  • Your presence on social media
  • Your firm’s advertising campaigns 
  • What it is that makes your firm tick – or the heartbeat of your firm

Focus Your Marketing and Branding Efforts

Even if you had an unlimited marketing and branding budget, you’d need a strategy – and having a carefully considered budget is the only way to make your marketing and branding dollars work for you. As you finetune your efforts in this arena, there are several important points to keep in mind, including:

  • In order to brand your firm, you need to have an identity. You’re not a generic law firm with no flair or personality of its own – pinpoint what it is that makes you special and roll that into your brand. 
  • You can have the most beautiful firm website out there, but if it’s not easy for potential clients to navigate, it isn’t doing you any favors. A clean, spare aesthetic with a strong nod to your brand that puts the information potential clients are looking for at their fingertips is what you’re going for.
  • Don’t ignore SEO, which can help move you to the top of your potential clients’ searches. The majority of people turn to Google and other search engines to find legal representation, which makes prioritizing SEO paramount.

Get Social

When it comes to Marketing and Branding, you need to pay your dues on social media. There is no denying that social media has a profound effect on the choices consumers make, and you ignore these platforms to your own detriment. When it comes to delegating, social media is a prime example of a task that’s best handled by those well-versed in this often-challenging arena. Additionally, having careful social media guidelines in place for your firm is essential – there are too many instances when posts are not well thought out.


Advertising on social media shouldn’t be an afterthought. When your ads are engaging and accurately reflect your firm’s brand, it translates to advertising dollars well spent. Choose the social media platforms that make the most sense for your firm – whether that means picking just a few, such as Facebook and Instagram, or spreading your wings to tackle more outlets – and find your budget-friendly advertising groove. 

Sharing Content

Finally, don’t lose sight of the fact that social media is a great place to share content. Many firms are finding their voice in videos, which can be a highly effective means of connecting with potential clients who are on the hunt for a more personal experience in their hunt for legal information. Blogs are a tried-and-true delivery mechanism for content. While consistently publishing well-crafted blogs on your firm’s website is a great way to fortify credibility, posting highlights on social media is a sure way to help spread the word. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Word of Mouth

You are committed to your clients, and the connections fostered can reap significant rewards in relation to growing your firm. Satisfied clients share their experiences, and this word-of-mouth advertising can prove invaluable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Referrals and Reviews

A satisfied client is a client who will refer you when a friend or loved one needs the brand of legal guidance you offer, but being proactive in relation to referrals can really pay off. By asking your clients to share their positive experiences and to recommend you to others, you let them know how much you value their input, which can be very motivating. 

Those potential clients who are searching online for legal guidance tend to take reviews exceptionally seriously, which means that you should do the same. Clients are most likely to write reviews soon after having a favorable experience with an attorney or firm, and personal requests from you can inspire not only more reviews but also more meaningful reviews. 

Stay Active in Your Community

Your firm is part of your community, and becoming more involved not only feels good but is also good for business. Your involvement doesn’t have to look exactly like every other firm’s – in fact, finding your niche is encouraged. Each of the following affords ample opportunities to get involved:

  • Doing pro bono work that allows your firm’s expertise to shine
  • Getting involved in local civic organizations and causes that you’re passionate about
  • Participating in charity events – or organizing your own
  • Serving on boards or committees that inspire you

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Another important opportunity that you shouldn’t lose sight of is sharing your legal expertise. This can mean writing content for your own website, but don’t be afraid to go further afield and write guest pieces or publish your work online. Establishing yourself as a legal authority in your community helps to shine a light on your firm and can broaden your reach. 

Speaking up when you’re out and about in the community is a surefire means of networking that gets too little attention. Introduce yourself to the people you meet and let them know what you do. At some point in our lives, most of us need an attorney, and something as simple as an introduction on your part can serve as an excellent recommendation. 

Turn to a Savvy Legal Business Development Company for the Guidance You Seek 

At Newsroom PR, we appreciate the unique challenges that law firms face in relation to growth, and we have the experience, keen insight, and focus to help you navigate the path forward toward your goals. To learn more about what we can do to help, please don’t wait to reach out and contact us online or call us at 213-422-2738 today.