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How to Write an Attorney Bio?

Your attorney bio has always mattered, but because attention spans now move at the speed of the internet, you need a solid bio that captures the imagination of your readers and sticks with them. It’s a tall order, but a well-written bio can do all that and more. If you’re ready to polish up your bio and take it out for a spin, it’s time to discuss your options with an innovative legal PR professional

How Much Does Your Bio Matter? A Lot 

In terms of how much influence they carry, bios are second only to personal references in terms of garnering the attention of potential clients and leading them to you. The internet affords firms and attorneys the opportunity to generate buzz around bios, which makes having a great bio a great way to fully avail yourself of this opportunity. Never doubt the significance of an inviting bio that reflects who you really are as an attorney. 

A couple of points to keep in mind regarding your bio include the following:

  • Attorney bios are responsible for driving a hefty portion of your firm’s website traffic. 
  • In-house counsel is very likely to rely on attorney bios when preparing to hire outside counsel. 

By Way of Example

You probably think all this makes sense, but you may still have no idea what a good attorney bio looks like. Let’s turn to a firm in Australia that is breaking the mold in terms of lawyer bios and consider part of Giselle Finnane’s partner bio: 

A partner in the constantly expanding universe of Marque’s Corporate team, Giselle is experienced in all things M&A, literally drafts shareholder agreements in her sleep (there’s really no other way to do it), and is basically personally responsible for delivering the internet to several South Pacific nations.

Giselle is, in fact, a woman of many skills – she’s a gun goal shooter, and has handy connections to a certain nightclub of ambiguous repute (any place that lets us in does have a question mark over it) – and she turned down the opportunity to feature in a magazine spread of fashionable lawyers to come and work at Marque. Not that she couldn’t have done both, but she accurately surmised that she’d be spending the best part of her first year copping grief.

This is a bold and breezy approach, and while it pokes fun at itself, it also demonstrates Giselle’s experience, her achievements at the prestigious firm in question, and her personability and accessibility – all of which are important in a lawyer. 

If your firm is more conservative or traditional, there is nothing wrong with highlighting this fact, but do it with an eye toward channeling your uniquely human side – however that looks for you. Clients, after all, turn to attorneys for their gravitas, which means there’s room for everyone’s personality to shine. 

Quit Overusing Overused Phrases

An important place to start when it comes to writing your attorney bio is keeping in mind that the overused phrases that most attorneys use in their bios will only get you so far. When you expand your language, you greatly increase your ability to attract a reader’s attention, and this refers to words that readers can connect with – not words they need a dictionary to look up. 

Some of the phrases that show up most often in relation to attorney credentials include all the following – interchanging the pronouns as appropriate:

  • She is uniquely qualified to . . .  
  • They handle a variety of complex . . . 
  • His practice focuses on . . . 

Ultimately, you can do better. For example, consider alternatives like the following:

  • She has a flair for . . .
  • They take a personalized approach to . . .
  • He has keen insight regarding . . .

You have a unique voice, and your bio should reflect this fact.

Begin Your Bio with a Bang

Regardless of what kind of law you practice, your clients come to you with pressing concerns, and there is one question they ask more than any other. When you begin your bio by dramatically answering this burning question, you grab attention, and that is what you’re going for with your readership. 

For example, if you’re a divorce attorney, consider leading with something like – Considering a divorce and wondering what it’s likely going to mean for you? This provides you with an excellent opportunity to segue into exactly how you’re able to help your vulnerable clients successfully navigate the troubled waters of divorce – with their parental and financial rights intact.

Throw in a Relatable Case Study

While your bio obviously can’t go into much detail about the cases you’ve handled with impressive aplomb, you can provide your readers with bite-sized versions. Sharing a few well-penned sentences synopsizing compelling cases that are relatable to potential clients can prove invaluable. 

Express Your Credentials in the Right Way 

The people reading your attorney bio are potential clients, which means they are interested in your credentials – which, in turn, means that you need to toot your own horn without resorting to playing up your class rank in the first paragraph. If you rocked law school, that’s important, but it’s just as important not to highlight your lack of relative experience in terms of actually serving your clients’ needs for many years. In other words, it’s a balancing act. 

If you have a lifetime of experience, you have a lot to pull from, but if you’re just getting started, it’s important to focus on descriptors that highlight your strengths, skills, and drive. Ask those who know you best – both personally and professionally – to provide you with some adjectives that they’re most likely to use regarding you. These are an excellent place to start, and if these descriptors inspire your bio, all the better.  

Don’t Be Shy

Your bio is an excellent opportunity to link to published articles and case studies that flesh out your legal career for prospective clients. While your bio shouldn’t be overly wordy, it can serve as an invitation to get to know your work better. 

Be Yourself

Ultimately, your readers are looking for someone they can connect with, relate to, and count on, and portraying someone other than yourself in your bio won’t end well – because this approach lacks authenticity. Your bio needs to reflect who you genuinely are, which means that you should be able to read it out loud without cringing, rolling your eyes, or blushing. By sharing your best self with your readers, you’re far more likely to form a genuine connection.

Read the Room

You know who your prospective clients are, and your bio should be written in your authentic voice but should also be written with those prospective clients in mind. If your target audience is young and tech-savvy, pull out a more conversational tone, but if your target audience is more experienced and more financially savvy, sticking to a more traditional tone that allows your personal voice to shine is advised.

Equate Your Bio with an Elevator Pitch

You have but a moment to capture the imagination of your readers and convince them that you’re the attorney for the job, which makes equating your bio with an elevator pitch an excellent plan. Focusing on making your bio punchy with bulleted ideas – even if they aren’t necessarily bulleted out – is a great start. 

You’re going for an attention grab without being too obvious about it, and if you put in the time – in terms of polishing your bio into a thing of beauty – you’ll reap the rewards – in terms of conversions. By leaving your readers wanting more, you help to ensure that you’ll be hearing from them in the not-too-distant future.

Let Your Unique Personality Shine

If you’re an art aficionado, are into hot yoga, or have a penchant for grilling and a certain brand of domestic beer, don’t be afraid to slip that into your bio. While your personal politics are off limits for a range of obvious reasons, your interests and passions needn’t be. Those prospective clients out there are looking for an attorney they can connect with, so let them know you’re the one.

Build Your Brand

You’re an attorney at a firm, but you are also a brand, and brand building is key. If you think that perfecting your bio is the end of the story, you’re not in the right mind frame. Bolstering your brand is a multichannel endeavor, and focusing only on your bio is a mistake of dimension. You don’t have to establish yourself as an influencer to regularly post well-developed tweets that are relevant to your branch of the law, and a weekly or bi-monthly blog can further your presence on social media. In fact, a vlog or podcast doesn’t have to be professionally produced to obtain a following – and if the information you’re delivering is relevant to your audience’s needs, you could expand your practice considerably. 

You Need a Stellar Attorney Bio and the Guidance of an Imposing Legal PR Pro 

Your bio is the linchpin of your brand, and it can elevate your practice – or drag it down. The idea is to make your bio sing, and the legal PR pros at Newsroom PR can help you with that. If updating your bio – or writing it for the first time – feels more like a bother than an opportunity, it’s time to partake of our savvy guidance by contacting or calling us at 213-422-2738 today.