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Legal PR firm’s clients do media blitz responding to Bill Cosby news

One great way to assess a legal PR firm’s effectiveness at getting clients in the news is to see how busy its clients were on a big legal news day s...

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Can Lori Loughlin make a post-scandal comeback?

I am quoted in today’s Fox News article about Lori Loughlin. It was a very interesting question – can Lori make a Hollywood comeback? Howa...

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Adapting PR Strategy in the Age of Coronavirus

For every 20 or so businesses losing steam because of the coronavirus, there’s one that’s doing okay or even better. So far it’s looking like we...

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The difference between influence and “influencers”

While brainstorming with the members of an artist collective on ways we could best bring attention to their installation at Coachella 2019, we briefly...

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