Crisis Management

Are you looking to defuse a crisis or, ideally, avoid one altogether?

What is a Crisis PR Firm?

With the advent of online everything and with social media platforms filling an ever-larger role in primary advertising, communication issues are far more common than they once were, and they tend to have a far greater reach than they did in the not-so-distant past. In fact, these are some of the most common crises that companies – in every industry – face, and when they crop up, turning to a well-established crisis PR firm for skilled guidance is always the best plan.


Proceeding with Caution

In the face of a PR crisis, panicking is not only unproductive but is also ill-advised. You’re facing a crisis, and it can escalate at the pace of the internet, which makes taking swift action key. A distinguished PR crisis firm has the experience and the insight to help you carefully assess the situation at hand and respond accordingly – with all the finesse necessary to prevail.

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Sometimes, the best response to a PR situation is lying low, but at other times, it’s necessary to be proactive, which translates to acting immediately. And there are still other instances that require a multitiered and more nuanced approach – your PR crisis firm will help you find the right path for you.


Spotting Trouble on the Horizon

There may be occasions when you fail to recognize that you’re facing escalating risk, but you can count on crisis PR professionals to spot the trouble and help you either nip it in the bud, ride it out with finesse, or flip the script and avoid the impending drama altogether.

With a seasoned crisis PR team in your corner, you can rest easy – confident in the knowledge that you’re taking care of business with backup on hand.


What Is the Role of PR in Crisis Management?

The role of PR in crisis management is many-pronged and includes all the following primary components:

  • PR, as it relates to crisis management, helps create, manage, guide, and monitor the message, which is critical in the face of a breach, and helps to ensure that companies like yours find their way – with as little collateral damage as possible.
  • PR not only shapes the outgoing story in response to a crisis but also ensures that the appropriate delivery method is used to great advantage.
  • PR coordinates with legal to not only limit exposure but also as a means of moving things seamlessly forward.
  • PR provides companies experiencing a crisis, such as a scandal or any kind of social misstep, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals are handling it.


PR is not a rogue endeavor. Instead, PR works with companies like yours to carefully assess the damage or potential damage in a crisis and to help find the best course of action – given the company’s priorities, goals, standing in the community, focus, and much more. Just as every company is unique, so too is every crisis, and every implementation of crisis management should follow suit.

Navigating whatever lies ahead as smoothly as possible while maintaining everything you’ve worked so hard for is paramount, and this is where a trusted crisis PR firm can have the most significant impact.


Why Hire Us as Your PR Crisis Management Firm?

The focused PR crisis management professionals at Newsroom PR have helped companies in a dizzying array of industries successfully weather PR storms and come out on the other side as strong as ever – but with more confidence in their ability to continue building their brands.


We take immense pride in our impressive track record of helping companies like yours thrive in the aftermath of a crisis averted, managed, or skillfully survived, and we credit all the following:

  • Our ability to help companies prepare for the unexpected leaves them better positioned to spot potential trouble and skillfully address any issues before they evolve into bigger problems
  • Our proactive approach, which focuses on crisis prevention – rather than on putting out fires that could have been avoided in the first place
  • Our availability when you need us, which means that if you have a crisis on your hands – or think you might – we’ll spring into action then and there with no need for you to panic while waiting for regular business hours
  • Our commitment to helping you avoid the PR pitfalls that are common to your industry and to help you keep your sights on increased growth and productivity along the way


If you’re looking for a confidence-bolstering PR crisis management firm that has the savvy to help you personalize your crisis-management approach to your unique brand’s unique position in your unique industry, look no further than the practiced pros at Newsroom PR. We have the experience, compassion, and know-how to help your company manage a PR crisis from beginning to end.

Because the 24-hour news cycle and social media can destroy a reputation in minutes, it’s crucial to have on your side an aggressive national journalist and legal expert-based crisis management team that’s seen and done it all. We’re well equipped to work with all platforms of the media to defuse a crisis or, ideally, avoid one altogether. For more information, contact Newsroom PR today.

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