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We get clients great press in mainstream and niche media


How does Legal PR work?

If you were building a litigation and legal PR dream team, would it just have publicists? Or would the team also include lawyers and journalists with a deep understanding of the issues of the day?

First, to explain the jargon: Litigation PR means getting our clients’ whatever kind of press they need on their cases. The higher art is the legal PR – getting you great press on cases you’re not involved in.

You’re familiar with the concept. A story breaks where there is some reason for journalists to quote, or interview on camera, a legal expert who explains what’s going on, what it all means, and what we might expect next.

This is our bread and butter, as we know the journalists and we understand how to get you in front of them. We won’t reveal all our secrets here but, in a nutshell, we don’t just go to producers and reporters with your information and leave it to them to figure out how to use you (as so many of our competitors do. So frustrating).

We’ll first work with you to determine what the reporters need and don’t already have so that when we go to them, we have information that will motivate them to respond quickly.

In addition, we’ll often also work with the client to ghostwrite and place an article, column, or Op-Ed on the subject. We’ve managed to get a few clients regular columns in local and national media outlets.

We do this type of writing constantly and enjoy it, as so many of us love writing as much as anything. Sometimes the client writes a first draft, and sometimes we interview the client and put it all together. It depends on what works for the client and what they have time for. We are no strangers to working with lawyers who want a promotion but barely have time to breathe. Since most of our work is with law firms, we’re quite good at getting you a lot of promotions with a relatively minimal investment of your time.

We have additional legal PR strategies that we explain further in other areas of the site, such as video, press releases, podcasts, and nominating clients for speaking engagements, awards, and best-of lists.

Among other things, a contract with Newsroom PR will also serve as a Master’s course in media promotion. You’ll be media trained, learn a lot about how to work with the media and develop relationships with reporters and producers that will continue to yield dividends down the road.

We hope you’ll be with us forever but, just like all the news clippings you’ll get while working with us, this experience and these connections are a valuable commodity that will stay with you regardless of how long you’re a client.

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