Litigation PR

Leverage your big lawsuits, clients, and wins with PR

Get the Media Attention you need

Whether you’re one of our retainer clients or just looking to hire us for a quick project, watch how much press we can get for your case.

Yes, we write press releases, email reporters and use social media, but that’s just the beginning. We’re top-notch strategists who help clients get maximum publicity for lawsuits, trial victories, and big settlements. We know how to publicize everything from a new partner hire or promotion to a record-breaking verdict. We can get 50 reporters on the courthouse steps with barely a day’s notice.

We have extensive backgrounds as legal journalists and legal PR strategists. Several of us are attorneys. So you won’t see us call opening statements “opening arguments,” or try to distribute a copy of a complaint that wasn’t confirmed.

Having a team like Newsroom PR with deep expertise in Litigation PR is essential for the lawyer looking to level the playing field. We can help you with the litigation public relations that you need.

Even in cases that are so high profile that the judge has imposed a gag order, attorneys will often convince the judge to set aside the order, at least temporarily, to allow counsel to defend against what they feel is inappropriate, unfair, or misleading information in the press.

Not every attorney in every case needs a media strategist on the team. But for those who do, we’re only a phone call away.

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