Media Training

Get expert media training to look your best in front of journalists and never be thrown off by a question or give too much or too little information

How do we make media training for you?

Whether you’ve been interviewed by the press a hundred times or are new to the game, we’re in your corner, explaining how it’s done or how to do better.

Even if you’re an attorney who reliably speaks persuasively and with clarity and confidence, we can familiarize you with the rules of engagement and coach you through that rapid-fire TV interview.

Learn when to relax, when to smile, and when to look at the camera. When your response should be elaborate and scholarly and when it should be under 10 seconds (hint: brevity is almost always your best bet). And how to develop enduring connections with journalists.

In Newsroom PR we can coach you in person, by phone, or by Skype.

What makes our media training more organic? Our media trainers have worked as print and TV journalists, so we have a deeper insight into what producers and reporters need. Several of our media trainers have worked with attorneys for many years, so we understand the nuances of what reporters need from attorneys.

For instance, team member Tori Richards served for four years as Media Relations Director for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, where she evaluated media opportunities and showed prosecutors how to talk to reporters and handle themselves on camera. Beth Karas was an on-air reporter for 19 years for CourtTV. David Bloom, a regular host, and moderator, is the former podcast producer for Deadline Hollywood.

Whether you need one-on-one instruction or would like to attend one of our media boot camps, we’ll tell you how to be at your best when the camera turns on.

“People do not trust the slick and polished. Instead, the objectives of media training should be to learn how to directly address difficult questions, how to avoid falling into media traps, and most importantly, how to accomplish the two previous tasks with honesty and integrity.”
Jeff Ansell

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