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What is a news feature in PR?

In terms of public relations, a news feature is a written article that touts something newsworthy about your enterprise. Feature stories are generally distinct from breaking news stories in that they are geared toward enduring topics rather than toward topics that are of interest in the here and now but are unlikely to be specifically relevant in the not-so-distant future. This is why feature stories are often referred to as evergreen, which highlights their staying power in relation to the level of interest they generate.

Breaking News

It’s important to note that both feature stories and breaking news pieces can play important PR roles, but they serve different purposes. To begin, while your business may always be innovating, it’s unlikely to always have something worthy of breaking news status. Turning to a breaking news piece when there is nothing substantial breaking going on can confuse people and won’t further your cause. When you do have a bit of breaking news, however, it’s time to pull out all the stops. But in the meantime, a news feature may be a far better option.

News Feature

News features allow you to do all the following:

  • Share your impressive knowledge on topics relevant to your unique firm or business
  • Delve into a long-term project you’re working on that has the potential to bolster the greater good – or benefit your clients directly
  • Explore just about anything else that is important to you and is interesting to the public


News features are an excellent way to generate press outside of the advertising space and pique the public’s interest without the expense of advertising. In addition, published feature articles come with the cachet of editorial work, which translates to built-in credibility.

When your PR game is on point, a newsworthy event, is happening, or a member of your team can lead to both breaking news and a feature article, which helps to diversify your efforts and maximize your reach.


How is PR used in news media?

PR is used in news media in a range of nuanced and primary ways that can be exceptionally powerful. This form of PR isn’t about selling but is, instead, about brand building and getting major play with newsworthy ideas, cases, innovations, and more. The focus is on the overall success that drives sales rather than on specific sales quotas, which gives news media PR a different texture.


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Weaving PR into News Media

News media is an excellent vehicle for weaving in effective PR without blasting your intentions, which can be exceptionally effective. When you land an editorial piece in an industry publication or a national news source, it can generate more lasting interest than a media blitz or an advertising blast – both of which have their own important – but very different – places in the PR lexicon.

Telling a Story

PR in news media allows firms and other businesses to tell their stories in relatable and informative ways while engaging in image-building and persuasion without succumbing to outright advertisement. Your business enterprise has a backstory and emerging stories to share, and news media is a highly effective delivery system.


Why hire our news feature services?

You’re an accomplished professional in your field, such as in the legal arena, and if you’re an attorney, skilled professional writing is an important component of your career. News features, however, are a different animal that requires a journalistic writing focus, which is the foundation of our services.

To make things more complicated, news features are journalistic in nature but are written in a narrative style that requires yet another approach to writing. We have the PR savvy to help you tell your story in your voice – connecting with your widest potential audience on an entirely new level. The PR generated through news features creates unique opportunities to find and secure your place in the market.

We can ghostwrite, co-write, or inspire your news feature – with careful editorial guidance – making it more clickable and more valuable to both your bottom line and your standing in your industry. The right news feature in the right publication can generate immense sales and prove invaluable to your business relationships, credibility, and beyond.


Who we are?

Remember that we’re called Newsroom PR because of our extensive experience as journalists. We’ve been writers and editors for books, websites, and media outlets including The New York Times, People, the Daily Journal, Reuters, and too many others to count.

Our services can be used in many ways. We can ghost-write or co-write a column or article, write a press release, and write blogs. We can even write content for ads and other promotional materials. We also know how to write for social media and SEO.

Many of our clients are lawyers and many lawyers are already compelling writers – their success often depends on it. However, many lawyers are less familiar with copywriting and writing for media outlets. It’s just a different approach – one that we’re intimately familiar with.

Clients have been very impressed with the quality of our ghost-written columns and articles. They’ve noted that the writing is concise, compelling, and easy to understand, and we also inherently understand the law. We would never make those dopey TV mistakes of referring to opening statements as “opening arguments,” or confusing robbery and burglary. We know the law because many of us spent many years as legal journalists or are lawyers ourselves (or both).

Whether you need a new website or just new content for your website, whether you’re a retainer client or just in need of a one-off project, just write us and let us know what you need.

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