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Remember that we’re called Newsroom PR because of our extensive experience as journalists. We’ve been writers and editors for books, websites and for media outlets including The New York Times, People, the Daily Journal, Reuters and too many others to count.

Our services can be used in many ways. We can ghost-write or co-write a column or article, write a press release and write blogs. We can even write content for ads and other promotional materials. We also know how to write for social media and SEO.

Many of our clients are lawyers and many lawyers are already compelling writers – their success often depends on it. But many lawyers are less familiar with copywriting and writing for media outlets. It’s just a different approach – one that we’re intimately familiar with.

Clients have been very impressed with the quality of our ghost-written columns and articles. They’ve noted that not only is the writing very concise, compelling and easy to understand, but that we also inherently understand the law. We would never make those dopey TV mistakes of referring to opening statements as “opening arguments,” or confusing robbery and burglary. We know the law because many of us spent many years as legal journalists or are lawyers ourselves (or both).

Whether you need a new website or just new content for your website, whether you’re a retainer client or just in need of a one-off project, just give us a call and let us know what you need.

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