Public Relations

We are media insiders who use our unparalleled experience and connections as current and former journalists to get robust press for our clients. We work with mainstream, regional, local and niche media including print, online and broadcast.

Although our public relations specialties include legal, tech, startups and health, our overarching specialty, applicable to myriad types of clients, is in recognizing and leveraging the organically interesting aspects of your service or product.

First  We learn as much as possible about you and where you’re trying to go before suggesting how we might help get you there. We can’t fathom why any competitor would approach it differently.

Second We analyze, study and prepare. Every campaign is carefully planned.

Primarily We are storytellers. We create new narratives and leverage your agenda, whether that entails building or protecting your brand or reputation.

Our PR services include

  1. Getting you quoted or featured in the print, online and broadcast media outlets you most need to be in or on;
  2. Ghostwriting content such as Op Eds, articles, columns and blogs for major media;
  3. Writing and distributing press releases;
  4. Lining up press conferences and speaking engagements;
  5. Securing opportunities as a regular columnist;
  6. Blog writing; and,
  7. Podcasts.

Many PR clients also use our marketing services, such as social media, videos, and website content.

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