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Why You Need a Professional Legal Blog Writer?

If your firm is online, the bulk of its advertising is done online, whether you realize it or not, and it’s not all about advertisements. Your legal content drives your online presence, and this reinforces the fact that content really is king. Simply having a snazzy website may get you noticed, but it’s unlikely to bring in clients who – in the end – are looking for reassurances in the form of low-key legal guidance that speaks to them in a warm but knowledgeable voice. 

Your firm is not a carbon copy of anyone else’s, and your online content should reflect this. Content is your golden opportunity to show potential clients who you are and what you’re all about. In other words, you don’t want your online offerings to be an afterthought, and a savvy legal PR company can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

How Clients Find You

Traditionally, referrals were the backbone of the legal business, and they’re still incredibly important. You might, however, be surprised to learn that a recent report on legal trends found that clients are almost as likely to go lawyer hunting on their own by scouring online search engines like Google and by visiting firm websites as they are to rely upon recommendations from trusted friends, family members, and colleagues. Online venues have become the new word of mouth, and law firms ignore this valuable resource – or fail to pay adequate attention to it – to their own detriment. 

You know how important your website and content, such as blogs, are, but you’re running a firm, and time is in short supply. Further, writing outside the realm of legalese and creating content that connects with the people while striking a fine balance between the personal and the professional may not be your strong suit. Enter the professional legal blog writer. 

Clients Are on the Hunt for Information

That same study on legal trends culled some interesting information about what people facing legal conundrums are looking for in their attorney searches. Consider the following:

  • 70 percent are in search of a clear understanding of the involved legal process and what to expect moving forward.
  • 77 percent want to know about your experience in the legal arena in question – personal injury, criminal, divorce, and so on. 
  • 72 percent are interested in what kind of cases you handle.

While the last two are not difficult to establish on your website and other online outlets, the search for a better understanding of the legalities involved requires content finesse. The idea is to help potential clients know what to expect and how to prepare for their impending cases, but there’s more involved. Prospective clients are looking for confirmation that you not only have the experience and legal insight to help them but that you will also serve as their seasoned guide throughout the legal process. Your content, in other words, has a lot riding on it. 

A Note about Younger Clients

Research shows that the younger the client is, the more intimidated they’re likely to be by the prospect of needing and finding a lawyer. Conversely, the younger the client, the more likely they are to go online for virtually everything, including when it comes to finding an attorney. Millennials have legal needs, and in order to meet them where they live, your online content needs to be in good shape. 

A dry, formal language that is designed to impart information rather than to inform and guide isn’t going to get the job done – and doesn’t let the people know who you are. While you’re a pro at providing first-class legal guidance, leaving the content to a legal writer who is a pro at voice, tone, clarity, and engagement – of people in every age group – is a solid choice.

The Writing Is on the Wall

Lawyers do a lot of writing and tend to be quite proficient at it, but legal writing and writing in the blogosphere are two entirely different animals. When you think about marketing, your mind may go directly to advertising, but this is a shortsighted approach. Everything that you’ve ever written and everything that’s ever been written about you – that is available online – is, for better or worse, part of your marketing campaign. As such, it’s important to pay attention.

Blogs and Beyond

The idea is to take control of what’s out there and to put your best foot forward every time, and while this includes your legal blog posts, there’s a lot more to it than that. Consider all the following:

  • Attorney bios
  • Posts on social media
  • Newsletters
  • Webpages for practice areas
  • White papers and industry guides

Each of these can be elevated by a legal writer’s skill and panache. 

Navigating the Path Forward

In order for your content to resonate with your prospective clients, you need to reach them, which involves skillfully maneuvering a gauntlet that includes the search engine’s gatekeeping. You’ve clearly got your work cut out for you, but the guidance of a legal PR company with in-house writing talent can help you master it. While you focus on the legal ins and outs of your work, you can leave the SEO and compelling writing to the PR pros. 

The Benefits of a Professional Legal Writer

Having a professional legal writer tackling your blog posts and other content has plenty to recommend it. 

Saving Your Law Firm Time and Money

Even if you have an attorney at your firm who is well prepared to write your thought pieces like blog posts, they’ve also got a job to do that likely bills at a higher rate than the cost of professional writing. Professional legal writers are wordsmiths with a knack for what they do, which means there’s no learning curve and no need to get up to speed. All of this translates to skilled efficiency. While an associate may be able to tackle the task at hand, their work is unlikely to have the polish and poise of a professional writer’s – and it’s likely to be both more costly and more time-consuming. While your team focuses on your firm’s work, let the professional writers focus on theirs.  

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Laws in Your State

The attorneys at your firm are crackerjacks when it comes to the law, but their writing is, by definition and necessity, technical writing. The last thing potential clients need – or can handle at this juncture – is hard, cold technical writing that wins cases but does little to assuage their nervousness about their legal concerns. Professional blog writers are crackerjacks in their own right – at crafting compelling blogs and other content that shares accurate, state-specific legal information in a style, format, and voice that resonates with John Q. Public, prompting next steps, such as contacting your firm for more information. 

Providing Ethically Compliant Content

When it comes to legal content, there are naturally a considerable number of concerns related to compliance. These concerns are not all, however, legal in nature. There is also the matter of ethical compliance, which includes giving all the following a hard pass:

  • Misrepresentations of fact or law
  • The omission of material facts, which ultimately proves misleading
  • The creation of unjustified expectations
  • Factually unsubstantiated comparisons

Professional legal writers are adept at marketing techniques that skillfully promote law firms without stepping anywhere near the line when it comes to ethical compliance.  

Staying on Top of Hot Topics

The law is constantly evolving, and like every other enterprise out there, it experiences its share of hot topics. An important part of marketing your firm through content is striking a balance between sharing what’s hot and what’s important to your prospective clients on a more fundamental level, such as the workday legal concerns they happen to be facing. Seasoning your content with trending topics like the following can help you garner attention, foster interest, and confirm your relevance:

  • Interesting cases in your field of law
  • Current challenges faced by your field of law
  • Shifts and about-faces in the relevant law
  • Enlightening legal statistics

Hot topics are excellent vehicles for social media platforms, which move at the speed of light. And with professional legal writing on your side, you’ll be far better positioned to spark those famously fleeting attention spans.

A Seasoned Legal PR Company Can Help You Master Your Content

Legal content is tricky. You have a firm full of technical writers who spend their days putting pen to paper, but online content is a different game – and we have professionals for that. Having professional writers not only helps ensure the quality and effectiveness of your content but also frees up resources for your firm.

At Newsroom PR, we handle legal content like the pros we are. We recognize what’s on the line, and we’re well prepared to help you find your firm’s voice and capture it in content that speaks to the people – in much the same way a trusted reference does. To learn more, please contact us or call us at 213-422-2738 today.