social media for lawyers

Social Media for Lawyers

You’re a busy attorney who is running a firm, and you may not have time for your own social media accounts, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to your firm’s social media presence. The fact is that social media is a powerful tool, and if you’re not using it to elevate your firm’s standing in the community, you’re missing out. All social media efforts are not, however, created equal. The idea is to learn the ropes and post mindfully, and an experienced social media for lawyers PR specialist can help.

Knows the Don’ts of Social Media for Lawyers

One of the most crucial elements of using social media to your firm’s advantage is knowing what not to do, and it’s best to face these issues head-on – rather than to learn things the hard way. When it comes to what not to do on social media for lawyers, there are some basics to keep in mind. 

Don’t Try to Be Something That You Aren’t

Some law firms adopt a very informal communication style, while others are far more conservative in their approach, and there are firms that fall everywhere along this continuum. The most important point to keep in mind is that you want your social media posts to reflect who you truly are as a firm. Social media types can spot a fake a mile away, and they can be quite harsh about it. When you allow your tone, voice, and content to reflect your firm, you’re well on your way to mastering social media. 

Don’t Attempt to Dominate Every Social Media Platform

Diluting yourself across all social media platforms is not going to do your firm any favors. If you’re just getting started with social media, choosing one platform and building up your repertoire over time is perfectly acceptable. Two favorites that firms tend to gravitate toward include both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, ignoring LinkedIn is almost certainly to your firm’s detriment. 

Don’t Use Your Posts to Blast Blatant Advertising

Social media is a chance to connect with your community. If you are using it as a playground for advertising, you’re not fooling anyone, and you’re missing the point. Social media posts allow you to answer potential clients’ questions and help allay their fears, which is a golden opportunity to spark a relationship.  

Don’t Forget to Make Things Right

If you misstep on social media, which can happen, take the time to make things right by apologizing appropriately and correcting whatever it is that went wrong. This is an excellent time to remind you that using social media intentionally is key. 

What’s In It for Your Firm 

You know that it’s time to put more effort into social media, but you may not realize how much your firm can benefit from these efforts. 

Bolstering Brand Awareness

People are dedicated to their social media platforms, and the popularity of these sites is not going away anytime soon. The stronger your presence on social media, the better positioned you are to bolster brand awareness in relation to your firm.

Connecting with Your Target Audience

Social media goes well beyond simply connecting with old friends, new friends, relatives, and loved ones. Social media it’s spilled over into just about everything we do – including finding an attorney. Your presence on social media allows those searching for your services to not only find you but also get a feel for what you’re all about.

Attracting Clients

Social media can be a real gift when it comes to attracting clients. It’s here that you can share what it is that makes your firm tick. By engaging in authentic interactions, you showcase your legal skill, compassion, and insight, which can be very attractive to those in need of legal guidance. 

Showcasing Your Content

Social media isn’t all about inspirational quotes and cute photos. In fact, killer content can pack a real punch. Social media allows you a means of sharing your expertise and concise communication skills with a far wider audience. 

Improving Your Rank

While your social media savvy does not directly affect your SEO rank, there is a correlation. Google’s focus continues to evolve, and dynamic content like social feeds can lead to improvements in terms of your rank. It’s important to also point out that an enhanced social media presence supports your overall visibility, which comes with considerable benefits, including increased traffic. 

Finding Your Way on Social Media for Lawyers

You’re an attorney, and you’re determined to put social media to good use for your firm. Fortunately, there are several tried and true tips to help you get there. 

Choose the Platforms that Make Sense for You

As mentioned, if you’re just getting started on social media, picking one platform and expanding from there over time is generally the best practice. If there is a platform that you are comfortable using personally, it may be a great starting point. Additional considerations include paying attention to where your target audience is most likely to hang out online and taking a look at what kind of social media activity your competitors are getting up to. 

Set Realistic Goals

By setting realistic goals that you can break down into measurable increments, you help to ensure that you will stay the course – rather than give up out of exasperation. Recognizing small gains can help make the entire process feel less demanding.

Get Visual

Social media is nothing if not a visual space. By converting the valuable information you have to share and the skilled legal guidance you have to impart into at-a-glance graphics, you embrace what it is that makes social media so inviting and help to establish your place in the mix.

Let Your Brand’s Flag Wave

Social media is the ideal setting for sharing brand-enhancing info and tidbits, including:

  • Your firm’s backstory
  • What it is that makes your firm special
  • Your firm’s proudest moments
  • Your firm’s most memorable cases

You can also showcase attorneys, keep readers up to date with everything that’s going on with your firm, and generally humanize your brand – as opposed to adopting a corporate feel.

Pay Attention to Buzz About Your Firm

Yes, social media allows you to garner brand recognition, but it also allows you the opportunity to do some invaluable brand listening. With a bit of investigating, you can gain a clear understanding of the kinds of conversations your firm is generating, which affords you an invaluable view of what it is you are doing right and where improvements can be made.

Embrace Videos

Social media users gravitate to videos, and when you create your own, it allows you to connect with your viewers as directly as possible while also allowing your unique personality to shine. Whether you’re discussing a new law, an interesting case, a legal approach, or anything else, videos are a great way to make your mark. 

Keep the Written Content Coming

Videos are an excellent way to share information and get a thought across, but they can’t take the place of a well-crafted thought piece, blog, or article that provides readers with the information and guidance they’re looking for. Your written content allows you to establish your expertise in your field, bolsters your credibility, and helps you connect with readers who appreciate well-constructed content.

Respond to Comments and Questions

When clients and potential clients reach out with questions, comments, or reviews, it’s a golden opportunity for your firm to respond. You want your followers and visitors on social media to know that there’s someone behind those posts – someone who cares, who wants to set problems right, and who has answers to their questions.

Take Advantage of Social Media’s Perks

You’re making your foray into social media, which means you should take advantage of everything it has to offer, including:

  • Your target audience is out there, and social media gives you an opportunity to reach them and interact with them at a whole new level.
  • When you highlight your expertise, you position yourself as the skilled legal professional you are, which helps to bridge the gap between you and potential clients.
  • When done well, the return on social media can be difficult to overstate, which makes putting careful thought into your social media offerings well worth the effort.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence with a Seasoned Social Media PR Specialist Today 

Your social media presence is an important part of branding your firm, getting your name out there, and connecting with potential clients, but mastering social media for lawyers takes care and forethought. It’s better to pace yourself than to jump the gun and make mistakes that are difficult to put behind you along the way. 

The skilled social media PR specialists at Newsroom PR can help you get up to speed with social media, which can lead to significant advantages that should not be overlooked. To learn more about how we can help, please don’t wait to reach out and contact or call us at 213-422-2738 today. Learn how we can boost your firm’s image and marketing.