Social Media Outpaces Print as America’s #1 News Source

  • December 17, 2018

By Natalie Christensen

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, social media sites have outpaced newspapers as a news source in the U.S. This means that a significant portion of Americans receive their news via platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rather than through traditional newspapers.

Considering social media allows us to receive information at the touch of a button, this may be an unsurprising statistic. What’s surprising is the major implications this information cycle has for businesses using social media.

There’s no denying that most businesses, firms and entrepreneurs have jumped on the social media train by now. If you’re not posting company updates, links to your work and humorous GIFs around the holidays, you’re behind the curve. Most professionals understand this and have taken the leap to capitalize on social media’s potential—understanding that a decent portion of Americans live online. The issue isn’t that not enough businesses are placing themselves on social media, it’s that they’re not posting the right content, with the right strategy, to get the best results.

In fact, many businesses don’t recognize how lackluster their social media presence is. They are content to have a profile, some followers, a consistent posting schedule and a verified check mark.

In reality, the social media world is complicated and intricate, and requires strategic maneuvering. This is especially true for professionals who are posting with the intention of building a brand/image, getting new clients and selling products or services. If you’re not working with professionals who know how to strategize your social media content, posting schedules and target audience, you’re wasting time and quite frankly, money. With most Americans getting their news from social media today—and more Americans being online than ever—this is particularly relevant.

This brings us to Newsroom PR—a national PR and crisis management firm that specializes in gaining press for legal experts, startups and other businesses. After years of strategic PR campaigns that gained clients placements in top news outlets, we recognized the need to expand into social media marketing, a service that was direly needed even before social media surpassed newspapers as a news source. We recognized that more and more people were devoting themselves to the online world, making social media an important place for clients to make an imprint. It was time to help them build a strong social media presence for the purpose of getting more media attention, a larger following and, of course, more business.

Interestingly, social media marketers often work independently. This is great, but why hire someone to build your social media profiles when you could hire a team to manage an entire PR campaign for you—one that includes social media marketing? A PR and marketing team has the greatest potential to promote you, your business and your specialties throughout multiple avenues. They already know how to bolster your image and highlight your skillset in the media, making social media a natural setting for them to promote you next.

As a team of former journalists who understand the news cycle, Newsroom PR has an advantage when it comes to strategy, connections and timing. It’s second nature for us to chase bigger stories, think like editors and nimbly jump in front of breaking news to position you as an expert or thought leader on a subject. This makes us experts in producing content that gains the public’s attention—including on social media. We’ve worked with clients who prioritized building a social media presence and loved our ability to make it happen.

In the end, there’s no avoiding the importance of social media marketing. Often enough we think these sites are taking over the “social” world and not necessarily the professional world, meaning most businesses are unaware of how much they’re missing out on by not having active, successful channels.

Since more Americans are getting their news from social media today, it’s imperative to have a presence that doesn’t just include a few posts. You need content that gets people’s attention. You need a PR package that includes social media marketing.


If you’re looking to hit the ground running with a stellar PR campaign that includes social media marketing, contact today.