Can Lori Loughlin make a post-scandal comeback?

I am quoted in today’s Fox News article about Lori Loughlin. It was a very interesting question – can Lori make a Hollywood comeback? Howard Breuer, CEO of a Los Angeles-based PR firm Newsroom PR, called Loughlin’s sentencing amid a pandemic “serendipitous” because very few TV and movies have returned to production. So, by the time any projects were to resume, Loughlin will …

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Here’s how we decide which potential clients to approach

In explaining to a potential client or a colleague how we seek out new PR clients, I often say: “We’re only looking for those firms who are already looking for us.” I’ll explain. When we troll, we don’t work off a general list of firms because too many will lack interesting specialties or be unimpressive. Conversely, when we see a …

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